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What God Sees

I Samuel 16:7b - ...the Lord sees, not like man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord, He looks on the heart.

God instructed Samuel to go seek out a King for Israel.  God did not tell Samuel in advance, who He was going to choose.  Samuel just had to listen and obey.  God instructed him to go to the house of Jesse, for He had chosen one of Jesse's sons as King.  Samuel met seven of Jesse's sons.  They were tall and strong men, who appeared to be fit for this most important position, but God said "NO" to each one of them.  The last son, who was tending the sheep, was called in to meet Samuel.  He was the runt of the family, small and insignificant, yet He possessed the qualities that God was looking for.  God made His choice and Samuel anointed David.  When the Spirit of God entered David, it was like a rush a wind.  God vitally empowered David for the rest of his life, not because of the way he spoke or looked, but because of what God saw in his heart.

GOD DOES NOT use our system of measurements.

GOD DOES NOT value beauty over humility.

GOD DOES NOT measure charm above integrity.

GOD DOES NOT acknowledge labor over faith.

GOD SEES and ultimately MEASURES the core of our heart and the truth of our character. 

What does GOD SEE in your life?


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