Belinda Jane

Home Wrecker

“The best and worst thing you can do for someone is to pray for them.”  

The vicious battle surges on and it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a winner. Neither side is giving an inch.   They rage on, bashing their bloodied heads together, continuing relentlessly in the fight for the victory.   One final blow is all that is needed to achieve the win.  The loser? Lying face down, paralyzed in the mud…

NO, I’m not talking about the UFC on Spike. I’m talking about Sunday Night Home Wreckers… Haven’t you heard of this new spin on an old show?  Can you relate?  Is it playing over and over in your home?

So if this is you, what are you going to do about it?  Are you looking forward to the next battle, or are you searching for a white flag?  The Lord has given us clear understanding in Matthew 12:25, when he states that every city or house divided against itself will not stand.  Simply put, when we are not united, everything falls to pieces.  How do we find unity?  A four letter word:  PRAY

Ok, I hear you…you’re not even talking to your other half right now…so how are you gonna pray together?  Prayer brings unity, even if you aren’t doing it together.  Pray ALONE.

You don’t even like him; the last thing you want to do is pray for him…If God commanded us to pray for our enemies, then don’t you think He expects us to pray for someone we are supposed to love?  Be honest with God.  Confess your anger.  Confess your unforgiving nature.  Ask God to heal your heart and renew your love.  It starts with YOU.

Consider this, many of the terrible things that happen in marriage relationships are devices of the enemy.  He searches out weaknesses and then attacks like a starving lion, seeking to devour all that God has ordained.  We have been given power over the enemy and can do great amounts of damage to his plans when we pray.  The only way to bind evil is to submit your marriage and your family to God in prayer, asking for His protection and provision.  Make it a HABIT.

Really?  That’s it?  Pray?  Some of you are thinking, “That’s too simple.”  Others may be saying, “That’s way too overwhelming.”  The answer is YES.  It is simple and it can be overwhelming.  Just DO IT.

Prayer takes time and patience.  Persevere and wait for God to answer and heal.  He has to work with two imperfect people, who are stubborn and selfish.  Yes, I’m talking about you…Don’t worry about when or how God will answer.  He who has begun this work in you (and your spouse), will be faithful to complete it.

Let God do His JOB.  PRAY and then leave it in His HANDS.

Prayer for today:  God, please help me avoid letting your truth, forgiveness and love become drowned out by the storm I’m in.  Hold onto me and help me find your strength and forgiveness.  Help me to pray for my mate and be patient as you work in our marriage and family.  

Ephesians 4:32; Matthew 7:7-8; Philippians 4:19; Philippians 2:4; Psalm 55:22

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