Belinda Jane

A Greater Purpose

Sometimes I ask…”why am I here?” I know I get bogged down in the daily struggles and feel many times that I’m not accomplishing enough. Last week, God taught me a lesson.

The week was long and trying. Between home, work and my ministry, I felt as if nothing was getting done. Friday morning came much too quickly. I drove the kids to school, looking over my “to do” list with a bad attitude. After dropping them off, I decided that I needed coffee…so I hurried over to Starbucks. The drive through line was enormous and so, impatiently, I drove on towards downtown Savannah. There’s another store close to where I work. There’s no drive through but luckily, there was a parking spot right in front. I hopped out and headed into the store, when I heard this voice call to me, “Hey lady!” I wheeled around and saw an old man, sitting in a wheelchair on the sidewalk. I’ve seen him many times before, but never had he called to me. I walked over and he made his proposition…”Are you going into Starbucks? I’ve got a little money, would you get me an orange juice and a piece of lemon cake?” The minute he asked, the Spirit reminded me…”If you love me…” So I told the man that I’d bring it right out.

I must have stood in line for 20 minutes, but as I was waiting, this time patiently, the Lord kept reminding me…”I put you here. I needed you to do this for ME. There is a greater purpose, serving ME by serving others.” My heart burned to get back outside to the old man…to show God’s love and speak His words. I hurried back with the orange juice and cake, only to find the old fella sleeping. I touched him on the shoulder and he slowly looked up to me. “I am back sir…may I ask you a question? If you had died just then while you were sleeping, where would you have gone?” He hesitated for a minute as if he couldn’t believe I was asking this question; then he smiled and said, “Well, to heaven of course!” I continued, “OH? And how to do know that for sure sir?” His face lit up and he replied, “Because I asked Jesus into my heart to save me.” Tears filled my eyes as the fullness filled my heart, I handed him the orange juice and the cake. I told him that it was a gift and to keep his money. I told him that Jesus loved him and so did I…

Driving to work, I thought about the song, “My Own Little World.” Boy, don’t we get caught up in it? It’s funny how the Lord gently redirects us.

“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25


Hi sister, Your story touched my heart. Thank you for responding to the Spirit of God. I praise God for your boldness and caring for the soul, as we all should be. May the Lord God continually use you for His Kingdom. Who knows who we'll meet in Heaven! Blessings & Shalom. Don.

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